Unwrapping Diwali's Sweet Traditions

Unwrapping Diwali's Sweet Traditions

I remember being elated for all the festivals, but Diwali for me has always been much more grandeur and special, could be because, there’s a mini vacation of festivities, every other day there’s something new that’s going in, the sheer joy that I felt when every year I get to see my home wrapped in the lights and divas that emitted warmth to last us for the whole year and thereon.

It’s that time of the year where everyone gets a chance to come together, back with the family from all their busy schedule to share love, and give it their all, to be present in the moment, living the sense of belonging and creating memories, all while lighting a diya. Yes, yes, I am not here to bore you with basics of the festivities, rather I’d like to shed light upon the experience that is DIWALI.

Family celebrating diwali generated with midjourney

It all is a beam of hope, a reason to believe and a motive to prosper, Diwali is not just a day of festivity, it’s a mini vacation of festive delight, to have that gush in every home and the whole surrounding is lit up, the energy transforms and gives a whole new experience to cherish upon, it’s an utter blessing to be witnessing such an occasion, where the whole environment is completely serene and abounding tranquility. 

To have been able to experience Diwali is a joy in itself, the bright diyas, that fills up every home with love, joy, the excitement to light up a firecracker. Even decorating the rangoli, the procrastination to clean out your space and to have loads and loads of delicacies, the scrumptious sweets and the tempting savories are all that makes it a full fledged experience, that’s to enjoy the most.

Diwali deciration with diya

And what's Diwali without mithai to satisfy your sweet tooth? Traditionally, it's all about soan papdi and the classic kaju katli. But what if I told you that we've blended the flavors of your favorite mithai with the richness of dry fruits, resulting in a delightful date truffle that's beyond belief? These truffle dates are filled with a decadent mix of nuts and nut butter, then lavishly coated thrice with premium chocolate. It's the perfect bite to exceed your expectations and treat your taste buds to a flavor explosion.

saraam diwali special chocolate date truffle

Don't miss out on this worthy Diwali treat; Order Now and avoid any regrets. I have already got mine to gift my friends and family. 

This year, forget lighting up firecrackers; instead, get ready to burst with joy over our flavor bomb – the date truffle!

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