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Exploring the Art of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate: A Journey from Farm to Bar

Indulge in the world of Bean-to-Bar Chocolate, a meticulous and artisanal process that transforms cocoa beans into delectable chocolate bars. Discover the essence of micro-batch chocolate making, where quality and traceability take center stage.

Sourcing - Unveiling Terroir's Influence:

Cocoa beans are more than mere ingredients; they are the embodiment of their origin, known as terroir. Each batch of cocoa beans boasts a unique flavor profile, shaped by the farm's location, fermentation methods, and surrounding crops. In India, where cocoa is often grown alongside other produce, the resulting chocolate can surprise your palate with hints of orange or coffee. By establishing connections with farmers, we celebrate the distinctive single-origin flavors in our bars, ensuring that a remarkable batch of cocoa finds its way to us in Udaipur.

Roasting - Preserving Flavor Profiles:

Mastering the art of roasting is crucial for artisanal chocolate makers. We carefully roast the beans, retaining their distinct terroir flavors. Achieving the right temperature and timing is essential to accentuate flavors, eliminate bacteria, reduce moisture, and loosen the bean shells.

Winnowing - Separating Nib from Shell:

After roasting, the beans are gently cracked to separate the valuable nib from the shell. The nib is the heart of the chocolate-to-be, while the shell, or cocoa husks, can be repurposed to brew delightful teas.

Refining and Conching - Crafting the Perfect Chocolate:

The nibs are then ground, refined, and conched for 3-4 days, ensuring they reach the desired consistency and develop their unique taste. Depending on the chocolate variant, sugar and other carefully chosen ingredients are added over time.

Tempering - Achieving the Perfect Finish:

To create a chocolate bar with a satisfying snap and an alluring shine, tempering is essential. This process involves precisely heating and cooling the chocolate before it sets, stabilizing the cocoa butter crystals.

The Final Creation - A Shiny Bar of Chocolate:

Once tempered, the chocolate is gently set into molds and placed in the chocolate cellar, where it transforms into a glossy, delectable chocolate bar.

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